Pulsation Dampeners

A pulsation dampener reduces pulsations and noise produced in operation to assure stable discharge flow and pressure.  Young Engineering Dampeners are critical to reduce noise and vibration on pumping systems on military boats to avoid detection.  They also protect the piping system from damages that occur from pressure transients caused by pump start-up and shutdown and the opening and closing of valves.

A pump’s strokes produce cyclical “pulses” or pressure spikes within the system that can also cause the pipeline’s auxiliary components to suffer damage or fail completely.  The solution to these pulses and the associated high noise and vibration during the “pulses” can be found in Young Engineering’s line of pulsation control products.

A Suction Dampener, installed close to the pump’s inlet, will reduce the potential for Cavitation (vapor pockets in a flowing liquid) which is a frequent cause of pump damage.

A Discharge Dampener, installed close to the discharge side of the pump, will serve to reduce pump generation pressure “pulses.”  This will decrease mechanical vibration and noise within the pipeline and reduce wear.


Oil tank tower

Young Engineering Pulsation Dampeners:

  • Available in Appendage or Flow-through configuration
  • 316L Stainless Steel or Expoxy-Coated Carbon Steel
  • Hastelloy, Inconel, Copper Nickel and other exotic materials available
  • Top or Bottom Repairable
  • NPT or ANSI flanges
  • Variety of bladder material compounds to fit your application
  • Maintenance-free designs available (LPD)
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