Bladder Sewage Surge Tanks

When it comes to providing pipelines and pump stations with effective surge suppression solutions, wastewater and sewage applications require further consideration beyond what is normally needed for standard potable water.   With a wide variety of particulate matter found in sewage and possible concerns over clogging from potential sedimentation build-up due to the mixture of solid and liquid wastes, Young Engineering has created a unique method to address this within our BST technology framework…our patented bladder sewage surge tank (BSST) system!

The BSST system combines our proven BST technology with an innovated perforated PVC tube that runs vertically from the nozzle inlet to the top of the tank.   In contrast to the BST, the sewage fluid is contained within the bladder with gas precharge surrounding the exterior of the bladder to compress it under a transient event.  The sewage fluid enters the bladder with small particulates and liquids passing through the slots in the tube.   Larger particulates remain within the tube and are dispersed when a transient event causes the gas to be compressed against the bladder and all material is forced to exit the tube back into the pipeline flow path.   The BSST system also has a water inlet connection at the top of the tank for a high pressure line to be connected.   For maintenance purposes, this high pressure water connection serves to allow a water stream to flush all material from inside the perforated tube.

Features of BSST Technology

  • Sizes from 40-3500 gallon capacity.
  • Standard pressure ranges up to 500PSI with custom ranges available.
  • Available in stainless steel or epoxy coated carbon steel.
  • Bladder material specific to potable, non-potable or sewage applications.
  • Unique RF-welded construction for very lightweight and robust bladder.
  • Perforated tube design prevents sedimentation and clogging concerns.
  • Maintenance is quickly and easily performed via water flush connection.
  • Non-intrusive AVI monitoring system for 24/7/365 system status.

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