Over 35 years of experience in pipeline protection systems across North America and around the globe.

Since 1987, Young Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. has been designing innovative solutions for a broad range of industries including Oil & Gas, Defense, Mining, Fire Protection and Water & Sewage.

Our team of engineers and experience in a multitude of applications allow us to develop and manufacture products that control and prevent hydraulic surges in critical conditions. Our goal is to prevent the damaging effects of fluid transients to protect pipelines.

We have combined creative design strategy with proven engineering expertise to usher in a new era of solutions for eliminating the threat of hydraulic transients at the source of the event itself.

For over a quarter of a century, clients around the world have placed their trust in Young Engineering as their company of choice to provide mission critical solutions, from the extreme cold of Northern Canada to the scorching heat of the Middle East.

“The Clean Solution for Pipeline Integrity and Safety”


What We Do

We protect pipelines in critical applications from damage caused by valve closure, pump startup and shutdown, power failure and emergency stoppage.


What We Offer

A range of patented and proven products that prevent fluid transients from occurring, make your system safer, protects the environment and allows optimum performance.


What Defines Us

We strive to produce an innovative product keeping quality and safety in mind. Our goal is the best product for your application.

Better By Design


We are standing by and available to answer any questions you have regarding working with us on your next project.