Bladder Surge Tanks

Young Engineering Bladder Surge Tanks (BST) absorb and control surge energies in pipelines, increasing the life of the components of your system. A bladder surge tank is a large-capacity unit used in applications with water pumping stations and municipal water applications.

Our standard sizes ranges from 40 to 10,000 gallons, with design pressures of 275 and 500 psi. All Young Engineering’s bladder surge tanks are provided with supports built to UBC seismic standards. Products are designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with ASME and most are available. Horizontal and vertical Bladder Surge Tank designs include specially designed patented floor-plates and nozzle assemblies which allow for greater water flow and maximum bladder performance.

Young Engineering’s Bladder Surge Tanks are designed as self-contained units that require no on-site air compressor (versus hydropneumatic surge tanks). Air compressors are required to maintain air levels in hydropneumatic surge tanks and can be noisy; equating to additional maintenance, regulating equipment and electrical needs, resulting in higher operating costs.

Bladder surge suppression tank


  • 40-40,000 gallons (152 to 15,143 LTR’S)
  • Design pressure of 275 and 500 psi (19 to 34 Bar)
  • Multiple Bladder Compounds
Red tanks

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