Bladder Expansion Tanks for fire protection are designed with a gas filled bladder inside to  absorb the liquid expanding within a building’s closed loop fire sprinkler system and meets the needs of NFPA 13. These UL approve Glycol and Glycerin tanks protect anti-freeze sprinkler systems from the damaging effect of thermal expansion during changing weather conditions.

Systems that utilize backflow preventers can suffer from over-pressurization when excessive heat or cold causes the antifreeze within the fire sprinkler lines to expand resulting in sprinkler system damage.This over-pressurization can be alleviated with a Young Engineering UL Listed bladder expansion tank which “absorbs” the expanding fluid, controlling the pressure to a safe level. When the fluid contracts due to temperature cooling, the bladder expansion tank expels the fluid back into the system.


  • Sizes from 1 to 150 gallons (4 to 568 LTR’S)
  • Protects antifreeze sprinkler systems from damaging effects of thermal expansion
  • UL Listed and manufactured in according with ASME Code, Section VIII, Div 1
  • 175 psi design pressure with a 4X safety factor
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