Surge Arresters (BSA)

Young Engineering is a leader in the surge control industry offering the largest size range of surge vessels designed to control hydraulic transients.  Pressure surges or hydraulic transients, often occur with the opening and closing of valves or with the start up and shut down of pumps, which can result in damaged pipeline systems.  Young Engineering surge vessels absorb and control these surge energies, preventing damage and increasing the life of the components of your system.

In the Defense industry, aircraft hangars utilize Young Engineering Bladder Surge Arrestors on the fire protection system.  These Surge Arrestors are installed over aircraft and filled with fluid, function initially as accumulators.  When a fire starts, the fluid drops on the aircraft helping to control the fire until the pump comes on and initiates the sprinklers.  The Surge Arrestor then functions to control transients that occur within the pipeline when the pump is shutdown or valves are opened or closed.

Standard Bottom and Top Repairable designs are available in 2-1.2 to 150 gallons with 275 psi and 500 psi pressure ratings.  (Available in metric sizes:  9 to 565 liters with 19 bar and 35 bar pressure ratings.)

Young Engineering surge arrestors absorb and control these surges, prevent damage, protect the pipeline and increase the life of the components of the system.

Bladder Surge Arrestors

Product Highlights:

  • Bottom and Top Repairable design
  • Sizes from 2-1/2 to 150 gallons (9 to 568 LTR’S)
  • Pressure rating of 275 to 500 psig (19 to 34 Bar)
  • Suitable for a wide range of pressure, fluid and temperatures
  • Positive separator bladder
  • Special bladder compounds available
  • Epoxy coated carbon steel, stainless steel, Inconel, Hastelloy and other exotic materials available
  • Full inventory for immediate shipment
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