Young Engineering & Mfg, Inc is a proud key supplier to America’s Armed forces, specializing in fluid energy control products for the Navy.  For over three decades, we have been designing and manufacturing industrial hydraulic surge and pulsation control pressure vessels to deter potential hazards to our men and women onboard submarines, destroyers and minesweepers as well as fire protection systems at Air bases.

From research and development to testing to manufacturing, our exclusive custom designed line of solutions to hydro pneumatic issues creates products that our armed forces can rely upon to increase the safety of personnel and the integrity of their operations.

Our Defense applications include Pulsation Dampeners for Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units (ROWPU). Bladder Expansion Tanks for electronic cooling systems. Desurgers to provide protection  on missile tube dewatering systems and missile hatch hydraulic systems. Surge suppressors on aircraft hangar fire protection systems and on Military base re-fulling systems.

Submarine diving


Our Desurgers and Bladder Surge Arrestors are utilized on:

  • Columbia class Nuclear Submarines
  • DDG-1000 Guided Missile Destroyer
  • Virginia class Nuclear Submarines product in R & D state
  • ROWPU Systems on Naval Ships
  • Multiple Naval Air Stations nationally and internationally

Young Engineering is a qualified Level I manufacturer per NAVSUP/SUBSAFE Requirements and also meets ASME Code, Sect VIII, Division 1

Made in America for Americans. 

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