Oil tank tower

Oil & Gas

Throughout the world, petrochemical companies’ fuel handling and delivery systems are coming under increasing scrutiny as they integrate critical safety requirements into their pipelines and facilities. Our patented BST technology is an engineered solution to protect and prevent substantial damage due to breakage, leaks or ruptures stemming from hydraulic transient events so the integrity of our clients’ pipeline is maintained.

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Young Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc  is proud to be a key supplier to America’s Armed Forces, specializing in fluid energy control products for the Navy. For over three decades, we have been designing and manufacturing industrial hydraulic surge and pulsation control pressure vessels to deter potential hazards to the men and women serving aboard submarines, destroyers and minesweepers.

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Mining tunnel tracks


The mining industry has unique requirements which must be taken into account when engineering and installing their dewatering systems. Young has designed a solution to the hazards of deep well mining that increases the safety of miners, protects equipment infrastructure and reduces maintenance cost. 

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Providing Surge Suppressors for control of hydraulic transients within fire sprinkler systems, Young Engineering is a leader in the fire surge control industry. We offer the largest range of sizes of surge suppressors. Young Engineering’s fire surge suppressors absorb and control surge energies.

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Water treatment facility


As the demand for clean water grows, an accompanying demand for the handling and treatment of water, wastewater and sewage also increases. With the challenges of reduced resources in funding, municipal water districts are faced with finding ways to keep the water and wastewater facilities’ pipelines flowing with uninterrupted service.

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Green water storage tank

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