Bladder Surge Tanks (BST)

Young Engineering’s Bladder Surge Tank (BST) technology utilizes a unique energy absorption approach to suppressing damaging hydraulic transient pressure spikes.

Sudden valve closures or when a pump starts or stops changes the fluid flow pressure and creates significant stress in vulnerable sections of a pipeline

The stress generated on the pipeline and the accompanying components and instrumentation is high enough to lead to potential breaks or leaks in the pipeline and also greatly decreases the life of the ancillary equipment.

Young Engineering Bladder Surge Tanks are carbon steel or stainless steel vessels built to ASME standards with an inflatable bladder inside the tank.

Bladder surge suppression tank

Sizes and Pressure Rating:

  • Sizes range from 40 to 10,000+ gallons (150 to 38,000 LTR’S)
  • Standard pressure rating of 275 to 500 psig (19 to 34 Bar)
  • Pressure rating of 500 psig available as a non-standard item

Unique Bladders:

  • RF-welded construction for bladders that result in a light weight but strong bladder seams
  • Bladder materials are specific to the needs of the Petrochemical market
  • Bladder can be pre-charged to above the normal operating pressure of the system


The Bladder Surge Tanks are generally available in Horizontal or Vertical Orientation depending on space and size requirements

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